servus & hello :)

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servus & hello :)

Postby magdalena » Fri May 21, 2010 1:09 pm

so, i'm gonna introduce myself now and i'm kind of nervous, cause i am from austria and my english is not that good.. but of course good enough to love and internalise every single word jemaine&bret are singing ^^

how do i start best.. well, hello! my name is magdalena and i'm 25, working for a magazine (specialized in kino&film), trying to finish my university studies and i like.. pie :p

i've been at the last gig in manchester (on wednesday), travelled all the way by train, plane, bus and foot for 8 hours, only to see the show. i didnt really wanted to travel zu man, even though its a nice city, but it was the only place where i was able to get tickets online... seriously, how do you handle this? i've read a lot in this forum recently, and there are people, who visit 3 or 4 or even more gigs, i don't wanna ask how you can afford it, but how have you managed to get all the tickets (often in the front row at that)?
when they opened the pre-sale (in march), i was almost crying after trying and trying and trying over 4 hours to get m tickets. fortunately somebody posted a link at the fotc facebook page, and finally there i was able to buy my 2 tix: i was so so sooooooooo relieved! :D

the show itself was absolutely freakin unbelieveable awesome!!! ive never thought that they would be this terrific live, really, i guess i dont have to tell you, cause you all know ^^ i wish the people around us would have been more enthusiastic, for example, after the last song i wondered how english people are acting to get the band back to stage, maybe yelling 'more please' or 'bonus' or in french 'encore'? or are they clapping in the same beat?
so i was really surprised what they have done: nothing. everybody around us was just waintig for them to come back... and we were clapping and jumping and screeching as loud as we could :)

after the gig we went outside to the backstage-area, and waited for the guys to come out. i was really excited, cause i knew thanks to twitter and facebook that both are very nice and friendly and like to do M&Gs, and wow, we were defintely not alone while waiting for them :) i made a pic: ... fa11_b.jpg
there was this lovely pub in the background :) and i do understand that the guys didnt want to come out when there are so many people, yis, but it was so uckin cold and time after time some people left.. and more left...
oh and i loved this two guys dressed as robots! such a shame my camera is crappy, but take a look yourself: ... 5d89_b.jpg ... 7827_b.jpg
after two hours of waiting these guys went home too.. there were only about 6 fans left and my friend was totally freezing (in austria its not that cold...), we heard that one security guy told a fan, that the guys left early through the other exit... so we decided to go. sigh.
so all we got was this pic of a box: ... 454c_b.jpg
and i dont even know whats in there.. ^^

i was deeply dissapointed. i do understand that it's impossible for them to meet every evening their fans, but we love them so much and travelled all the way and who knows if we ever get the chance again to see them live.. :(

but it got much more worse, cause back at home directly i catched a flu and stayed home, surfing in the internet all day long and, of course, see how many people had a m&g or met them accidentally.. ahhh what a torture..

right, to come to an end of my little story, i just wanted to distract me from FOTC, cause i was only listening to their songs all the time, watching videos, googled all day long, like an obsessed little girly-fan-girl (very awkward) and i knew i have to make a cut and do something else, something without FOTC, get them off my mind...
so i watched a series i bought in manchester, its called "the inbetweeners". (i recommend it!)- and suddenly, in the middle of the pilot, i saw this: ... re=related
(at 04:24)

how crazy is this?
FOTC is tracking ME, not the other way round! :D

again, big sorry for my bad english!
and i'm happy that i found this forum, cause nobody in austria knows about the existence of flight of the conchords (though we do proselytize everyone we know!) and sometimes we (me and my friend jules) feel little bit lonely.. i guess being here will gonna make this feeling go away ^^

lots of love from vienna,

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Re: servus & hello :)

Postby mockingbird » Fri May 21, 2010 2:10 pm

Hi Magdelena - nice to meet you! Sorry to hear of your meet and greet woes. :goodman: Wow that was a huge crowd waiting for them! :shock:

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Re: servus & hello :)

Postby Venus » Fri May 21, 2010 3:06 pm

Hi Magdalena! Welcome to the forum. :wave: Sorry to hear about there not being a meet and greet after your show. There are a variety of reasons why they may not be able to hold meet and greets on particular nights so it does come down to luck sometimes but it is understandable to be quite disappointed. That's a lot of people in the photo you took after the show. I heard there was a pretty big crowd the night before as well. People in Manchester seem to have been more eager to meet the guys because I went to a bigger show in London and an arena show in Birmingham yet there were less than 20 people at both meet and greets.

With regards to the audience, it's a shame the people around you weren't enthusiastic. There usually is a huge round of applause and cheers when they leave the stage to come back for the encore. I'm glad you still had an amazing time at the show though!

Haha yes, that part in 'The Inbetweeners' made me laugh when I first saw it! If you didn't already know, the writers of that show, Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, also wrote two FOTC epsiodes ('Unnatural Love' and 'The Actor'). The 4 actors from The Inbetweeners actually attended the same FOTC show as me on Monday. :)

See you around the forum. :)
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Re: servus & hello :)

Postby biscuit » Sat May 22, 2010 10:19 am

Hey Maggie (Can I call you that? I'm lazy :lol: )

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get to meet them. I would have been gutted :(

I hope you stick around so we can help you deal with your feelings of Conchords appreciation isolation (<- you can use that in a song if you like :rock: )

Oh, btw; have you ever considered taking up the ukulele? :eyelashes:

And you English is not bad at all :yawinkle:
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Re: servus & hello :)

Postby LauraK » Mon May 24, 2010 11:46 pm

Hi Magdalena- :welcome:

I think your English is excellent. :)

Stick around and live vicariously through all of the other WTFers who get m&g's and excellent pics and vids and share their stories with us. :D

biscuit.....:thumb: :rock:
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Re: servus & hello :)

Postby Nancy » Tue May 25, 2010 3:53 am

Welcome, magdalena! :wave:

Take a moment to read through Sherry's Forum Rules, and check out the first page of threads you plan to post on, so you understand the thread.
Your English is twenty times better than my Austrian German! :prayer:
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