BOY (aka The Volcano) - Taika's new feature length film

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Re: BOY (aka The Volcano) - Taika's new feature length film

Postby Venus » Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:35 pm

As far as I know, I don't think Taika can say what the current status of the BOY rewards are at this stage because I think he was under the impression that all the rewards were sent out but he was surprised to hear on Twitter that someone still hadn't received their rewards fairly recently & I'm not sure he or anyone else (Emanuel Michael was helping, I think) is still keeping track of the BOY rewards. Taika has explained in interviews said that a company came up with reward suggestions and Taika went along with it but he underestimated how many rewards were going to be given out so he ended up having to handle numerous personalised rewards which were difficult to complete within the set timeframe. The WWDITS Kickstarter campaign learnt from this which is why the rewards were more manageable and didn't involve time-consuming personal input like personal artwork.

I received my rewards (later than scheduled like most people) but I am aware that others weren't so lucky which is a shame. Even when the WWDITS Kickstarter commenced, people who hadn't received their BOY rewards spoke up about it and were skeptical about the new campaign. Taika & Jemaine have got until June to send out many of the WWDITS rewards so there's still time for everything to be fulfilled so given what happened last time, J & T will hopefully be trying their best to ensure the backers get their rewards on time. :)
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