Ukes are taking over ...

A little cosy corner for our uke players to gather. Be you potential, beginner, intermediate or world expert on uke playing, this is the place for you.

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Ukes are taking over ...

Postby DangerMouse » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:38 pm

...if anyone needs me I will be in my office doing madlibs...

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Re: Ukes are taking over ...

Postby ZebraWarriorPrincess » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:29 pm

Really wish I'd gone now :(
It's a psychological analogy

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Re: Ukes are taking over ...

Postby biscuit » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:35 pm

Aw, I really wanted to be there :D

It sounded like so much fun! A great read too:) Thanks, DM!
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Re: Ukes are taking over ...

Postby Venus » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:11 pm

Great stuff, thanks DM :)

I read this article yesterday. Quite hard to get over the fact they have mentioned the wrong FOTC member and spelt his name 'Jermaine' :doh:. But it has good intentions ;) : ... 09972/1007
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Re: Ukes are taking over ...

Postby LauraK » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:20 pm

Ohhh, that is hard to take, lol! But yes, best of intentions! :)
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