Freaking out over I Told You I Was Freaky - the new album

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Re: Freaking out over I Told You I Was Freaky - the new albu

Postby nonchalant obsession » Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:06 pm

LauraK wrote:Is it uncolored, or is it supposed to show us that Jemaine's view doesn't have any ducks or moons and stars in it? Perhaps they aren't there at all..... :rolleyes:

:shock: :lol: Now this is going to bug me. Was it intentional or not?!?!

MM, you're probably right. lol, and mock I needs to be finished and that would be cool. Or, following LauraK's line of thinking...he could have given us a distorted peak at what they are REALLY surrounded by. That would be freaky! :D

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