Flight of the Conchords movie!

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Flight of the Conchords movie!

Postby Venus » Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:01 pm

Jemaine has confirmed that he has started writing for a FOTC movie with Bret & James! :D :supz: :yay: :whitey:

CS: I was curious about whether you might do a “Flight of the Conchords” movie, because it’s something that’s been mentioned a few times. Obviously you’re both busy, but is that something you might want to do?

Jemaine Clement: We’re actually working on a “Conchords” movie, but this was the first time we were really working on one. (laughs) We actually started writing. It’s me, Bret (McKenzie) and James Bobin the director.


Also, in this interview, he mentioned they started writing for a FOTC movie last week (interview starts ~35 mins in). :D
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Re: Flight of the Conchords movie!

Postby Nancy » Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:02 am

:thud: :woohoo: :D :clap: :biggrin: :boogie: :bounce:

:what: :love: :dance: :cheer: :nana: :adoration:

:whitey: :macarena: :woohoo:
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Re: Flight of the Conchords movie!

Postby ItsAllRyche » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:03 am

:clap: :rolleyes: What great news!!

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