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Postby Johnnyp » Wed Apr 05, 2006 12:04 am

Greatness 8)

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Postby Kate » Sat Apr 22, 2006 4:39 pm

I was sorry to see Jemaine's commercials replaced on the Outback website last week by their new contest. I miss them. :( A lot.

But, this morning, they are absolutely dominating the commercial breaks on the "Godfather Marathon Weekend" on AMC. One right after another so far.

I wonder if they will return to the Outback site after that promotion is over?

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Postby /me » Sat Apr 22, 2006 5:46 pm

Well, this is only vaguely related to FotC, but since you are watching AMC anyway, look for Demetri Martin on one of the AMC promos. (It's vaguely related because he is a pal of the guys.) He's supposed to be one of those regular Joe types found randomly on the street talking about movies. His face is so recognizable I just get a kick whenever I see that commercial. Not as much of a kick as seeing Jemaine, but a slight kick...I'm easily entertained OKAY. Image

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Postby fawad-oh-so-prescient » Sat May 06, 2006 6:23 am

i, also, like being kicked by comedians.

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Personally, I blame Global Warming

Postby Ellen » Tue Aug 01, 2006 1:54 am

:( Sad news of the demise of this campaign:

"In another move, the company said it will drop its Outback Steakhouse advertising campaign starring New Zealander Jemaine Clement.

In the commercials, Clement appeared in thick black glasses and was prone to goofy antics, such as trying to rip a boomerang off an Outback wall. However, the campaign didn't catch on with consumers, said Chief Executive Officer Bill Allen."

Read the full article here

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Postby Johnnyp » Tue Aug 01, 2006 2:04 am

Thats it I'm never eating there again Oh wait I never have eaten there. See it didn't even work on me. Sorry Jemaine

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Postby Sherry » Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:24 am

Ah well, all good things must come to an end.

I doubt Jemaine will mind too much :lol: He'll always be known as that Aussie guy - to anyone not knowing what a real Aussie sounds like anyways - Those who do thinks he sounded like a Kiwi :shock: What more could he want from it :lol:

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