Help with a music report/presentation ^_^

Erm, music, lyrics and tabs. Asking about Conchords music, lyrics or tabs please post here.
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Help with a music report/presentation ^_^

Postby Haro! » Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:29 am

Hi. New guy here, I had been meaning to join the forum for quite some time now, and this sort of pushed me in this direction.
I am taking a Popular Music course (introductory level stuff, maybe even simpler than that) in uni. For my final report and presentation, I chose as my area of focus to be Flight of the Conchords (!!!). What I am trying to do is find songs and artists (preferably by American popular music artists) that have similar traits to some FotC songs (or would it be that FotC are similar to in their musical style). Right off the bat I thought of a few songs I would want to focus on:
Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
Business Time
Think About it Think Think About it
and possibly Hiphopopatamus vs Rhymenoceros.

Any other suggestions are welcome. And thank you for your help. (I also hope I put this in the right section of the forum, if not I apologize)


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Re: Help with a music report/presentation ^_^

Postby Nancy » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:58 am

Welcome, Haro! :wave:

I'm sure many other members can help you more than I can, but if you want to know the FoTC influences for songs, I can give you a few.

They have a wide array of influences - I'd check the thread that has their interviews and reviews, because they often mention influences, like Hall and Oates, Simon and Garfunkel, eg.

Business Time was a take-off on Barry White's style
Inner City Pressure was the Pet Shop Boys

And now I've drawn a blank on the rest. Hope that was helpful, and good luck on your report.
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