Foux De Fa Fa Tabs (Episode 8)

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Foux De Fa Fa Tabs (Episode 8)

Postby Pete The Donut » Fri Aug 10, 2007 8:21 pm

Epidsode 8 - "Girlfriends"

Foux De Fa Fa

Code: Select all

[color=black]Chords Used:

Amaj7       Dm
|-4-|      |-5-|     
|-5-|      |-6-|
|-6-|      |-7-|
|-7-|      |-8-|
|-0-|      |-x-|
|-0-|      |-x-|

Amaj7(2)    Dm(2)
|-x-|      |-1-|     
|-2-|      |-3-|
|-1-|      |-2-|
|-2-|      |-x-|
|-x-|      |-x-|
|-x-|      |-x-|

Fig. 1
E |---------------|
B |---------------|
G |----------6-7-9|
D |----6-7-9------|
A |7-9------------|
E |---------------|

G  :----|-----|------|-----|-------|-------|7-7--|----7|
D  :----|-----|7-7---|----7|0------|7-7----|-----|7-7--|
A  :0---|7-7--|------|7-7--|-------|-------|-----|-----|
E  :----|-----|------|-----|-------|-------|-----|-----|

The bass repeats the section indicated by asteriks. In the background is Amaj7(2) played on the offbeats. Amaj7 is strummed on occasion, and then Dm is played, quickly followed by Amaj7 (You should be able to hear this). Also,  A and E are played just by themselves (if your fingers are already in the position of Amaj7, then all you're doing is plucking the A string and then the 7th fret on the A string.

Verse/ Chorus:
The bass line itself is the verse, repeated over and over. In the background is Amaj7(2) and then Dm(2) corresponding with the changes by the bass.
As for the *organ* section playing in the background, I've come up with the first part, I think, though it may be wrong.

G|-4---------4-----------|---6- and that's all I have...

J: Je voudrais un croissant
J: Je suis enchanté       
J: Ou est le bibliotheque?
J: Voila mon passport
J: Ah, Gerard Depardieu
B + J: Un baguette, ah ha ha, oh oh oh oh
B: Ba Ba ba-ba Bow!

Foux da fa fa
Foux da fa fa fa fa
Foux da fa fa
Ah ee ah

     *Fig. 1 is played here.*

Foux da fa fa
Foux da fa fa fa fa
Foux da fa fa
Ah ee ah

B: Et maintenant le voyage a la supermarche!
B: Le pamplemousse (grapefruit)
B: Ananas (pineapple)
B: Jus d’orange
B: Boeuf
B: Soup du jour
B: Le camembert
B: Jacque Cousteau
B: Baguettte
J: Mais oui
J: Bon jour
F: Bon jour
J: Bon jour
F: Bon jour, monsieur
J: Bonjour mon petit bureau de change
B: Ca va?
L: Ca va.
B: Ca va?
L: Ca va.
B: Voila – le conversation à la parc.
B: Ou est le livre?
J: A la bibliotheque
B: Et le musique dance?
J: Et le discotheque.
B: Et le discotheque
J: C’est ci, baby!
J: Un, deux, trois, quatre
B: Ba ba ba-ba bow!

Foux da fa fa
Foux da fa fa fa fa
Foux da fa fa
Ah ee ah

Foux da fa fa
Foux da fa fa fa fa
Foux da fa fa
Ah ee ah

F: Ou est le piscine?
J: Pardon moi?
F: Ou est le piscine?
J: …Uh…
F: Splish splash
J: …Uh…
F: Eh…
J: Je ne comprends pas.
F: Parlez-vous le francais?
J: Eh?
F: Eh? Parlez-vous le francais?
J: Uh ….No.
F: Hmmmm.[/color]

The French in the lyrics above is occasionally wrong grammatically (e.g. it should be au parc, insead of a la parc), but I believe what is listed above is what is said. Feel free to post suggestions; this was done by ear and is probably wrong anyways :dunno:

[edit]A clip of the song can be found here


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Postby Grizmint » Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:36 am

Good work with the French lyrics. Would have taken me a while to figure out the song seeing as i don't know any French.

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Re: Foux De Fa Fa Tabs (Episode 8)

Postby TheFool » Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:57 am

Sorry to be all mrahithinkyou'rewrong, but
I think the two repeated chords are actually Amaj7 and D7, which i choose to play like so


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